Writer/Director/Editor/Producer – Adam Zopf

Sound Design/Mixer РTim Mulhern 


Narrator – Adam Zopf

Jay Cook – Reeko Brooks

Dantrelle Roby – Jared Mingia

Neil Rickers – Michael Mau

Harold Hoffman – Neil P. Strawder

Walter – Michael Mau

Maggie Blume – Kimberly Bonny

Ace Wheeling – Gervais Weekes

La’Andre Culliver – Toddrick Simmons

C.J. Bishop – Harrison O’Callaghan

Mike Herr – Brian T. Shirley

Woman in Bar – Brianna Brugos

7 Year Old In Bar – Tobin Cleary

Dad in Bar – Winn Manning

Player #1 – DeLonne Sloan

Player #2 – Pascal Casimier

Foreign Player – Carljohn Ablola

Boyfriend Bro – Thomas Halle

Tattoo Artist – Winn Manning

Cleveland Fan – Harrison O’Callaghan

Convention Goer – Brad Stein


Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this project what it is.