Pinball Productions is now casting roles for five new episodes of our series “Become”. The story follows Ben, an ordinary husband and father, who is hiding an extraordinary secret: he’s a werewolf. You can listen to the first two episodes under the “Pinball Productions” banner on all major podcast platforms. These five new episodes will complete the first full season of the show. To audition, please record a reading from the episodes/pages below and label it ROLE NAME – YOUR NAME and email it to [email protected]. You can audition for as many parts as you’d like but please record each audition on a separate file. The deadline for submissions is 5/15/24, afterwards decisions will be made. Pay is listed below and IMDB credit is also given for each role. As Pinball is an independent production company, our fees may be lower than some larger companies but this allows us to pay all actors and to continue to invest in productions over time. To date, we have invested over $16,000 in fees for nearly 300 voice actors. To help us grow, please check out all our produced work on all major podcast platforms under the label “Pinball Productions” and tell people about our shows. The more we grow, the more productions we can create, the more we can pay and the more we can invest in the audio creative company. 

Thank you for your interest in Pinball Productions. I sincerely appreciate it. 

Adam Zopf

$20Ep. 3 – p.4Det. Lanier
$50Ep. 3 P. 15-18Motel Manager
$20Ep. 3 p. 25-26Jessica
$50Ep. 4 p.1-3Alexander
$20Ep. 4 p. 13
Melanie the Banker
$50Ep. 4 p. 13-15
Reggie the Banker
$20Ep. 4 p. 15
Food Court Worker
$20Ep. 4 p. 22
Casino Cage Worker
$20Ep. 4 p. 23
Blackjack Dealer
$75Ep. 4 p. 24, Ep. 6 p.24, Ep. 7 p. 1-4, Ep. 7 p. 24-26E.J.
$20Ep. 5 p. 23,Waitress
$75Ep. 6 p. 24, Ep. 7 p. 1-4, Ep. 7 p. 25-26Willa
$75Ep. 6 p. 24, Ep. 7 p. 24-26Keith
$20Ep. 7 p. 17-18Dealer
$20Ep. 7 p. 17-18Player #1
$20Ep. 7 p. 17-18Player #2
$20Ep. 7 p. 18
Security Guard #1
$20Ep. 7 p. 19
Security Guard #2
$20Ep. 7 p. 19
Security Guard #3
$20Ep. 7 p. 19
Security Guard #4
$20Ep. 7 p. 20
Security Guard #5
$20Ep. 7 p. 20Bystander
$20Ep. 7 p. 20Bystander #2
$20Ep. 7 p. 22Dispatch
$20Ep. 7 p. 22-23Cop #1
$20Ep. 7 p. 22-23Cop #2
$20Ep. 7 p. 23Cop #3
$20Ep. 7 p. 23Cop #4