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In production for 2023

Celebrating his 2007 college graduation, Max drunkenly falls over a railing and into a coma, waking up in 2017 when his life and the world have completely changed. (Comedy Feature)

A retired archaeologist teaching high school investigates a nearby abandoned town with some of his students. There they find the ghosts of every being who ever lived there dating back thousands of years. (Horror/Suspense Feature)

A mysterious producer offers a struggling LA screenwriter $100,000 to re-write and direct the Producer's dream project: a Bollywood film. (Romantic Comedy Musical Feature)


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A recent college graduate takes a job managing a fading local casino. (Comedy Series Pilot)

The workers of completely unrelated shops in a San Fernando Valley mini mall must come together when the mall’s very existence is threatened. (Comedy Series Pilot)

Another comedy about four friends and the random things they think and do. (Comedy Series Pilot)

The eccentric residents of a Hollywood apartment building drive the manager insane as he deals with a resident dying and the owner pressuring him to raise rent. (Comedy Series Pilot)

Five lonely Twitter users are forced to drop their online personas when they end up becoming friends in reality. (Comedy Series Pilot)

Framed for murder, a movie star goes on the run with the only person he can trust: his lighting double. Together with their stunt double, they search for who is out to get the star before they all get killed. (Action Comedy Feature)

The triumphs, failures, truth and humor of L.A. step meetings where completely different people come together to face life head on or risk dying. (Drama/Comedy Series Pilot)

An overachieving 29 year old woman spontaneously quits her office job and goes in on a bar with an underachieving 29 year old man. (Comedy Series Pilot)

Jeff dies and his four friends, who aren’t friends with each other, come together to execute his will while living together in Jeff’s house.(Comedy Series Pilot)

Special projects

Seinfeld on HBO
Spec Script

Seinfeld (as if seen on HBO) spec script "The Dick Pic".

John Forest Job Seeker
Short Films

John looks for a job. It does not go well.

Blue & Silver
Audio Play Collection

Three short plays and a reading from the autobiography of Harold Zopf.


For information on projects currently casting, how to audition, and scripts of our produced work.


Pinball Productions endeavors to make high quality entertainment that is easy to enjoy. Like a pinball machine. We are entirely self-funded and pay all cast and crew. For all inquiries, please contact founder, writer, and director Adam Zopf at